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(L to R): Sharon, Jessie, and Joy
Banner Photo (Above) (L to R): Dorah and Sharon

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Widows, Children, and Sustainable Farming in Uganda

The Joy Collective was founded by Jessie Marianiello, a painter, photographer, writer, and a young widow. After the sudden, unexpected passing of her fianc√© left her searching for life’s deeper meaning, Jessie found her calling and home in Africa.

The Joy Collective empowers Ugandan widows and their communities towards sustainable, organic farming, which creates income and food security, as well as health and education opportunities for themselves and their children.

We offer member scholarships to people like Jessie to join a Club, to be supported and uplifted, as they further their causes. Especially for Jessie, who is living in a remote region and a very different culture, Get It Done! Clubs gives her a connection to a community of business people that she does not have locally. We also publicize the charities we work with, giving them visibility to enhance their fundraising efforts.

Get It Done! Clubs' Projects

The Million Trees Project

The Million Trees Project


The Million Trees Project

As we teach in Get It Done! Clubs, every day you take a step towards your goals, you are planting a seed for your future. The Million Trees Project brings that concept to life!

We’ve partnered with ReTree, an organization focused on preventing climate change and protecting ecosystems and wildlife, through reforestation efforts across more than 30 countries around the world. Every time a Club member successfully completes a 4-week session, we plant a tree in their honor. Over the course of a year, that’s 13 trees!

Our goal is to donate over 1 million trees in the next 10 years.

Microlending with Kiva

Get It Done! Clubs takes a percentage of profits and invests them into people and projects that align with our goals and mission. By investing in other small businesses, which contribute to the economy and create jobs and opportunities for others, we help create more collective success! We are currently identifying projects to invest in and will share more once they are selected.