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When you join, you will be assigned to your own personal success coach and a small team of up to 12 people.

You’ll check in with your coach and team, logging your progress, several times per week.

1. Success Team Daily Progress Grid and Dashboard


This is your main dashboard featuring your team’s current 4-week daily progress grid, which is the heart, soul, and magic of Get It Done! Clubs. This visibility provides a high level of interpersonal accountability, to support you in showing up and taking your daily action steps. Progress is never a straight line; we all have better weeks than others. The grid helps us see who needs extra support and encouragement. We don’t let you slip through the cracks! We start as a team and finish as a team.


2. Personal Profiles and Goals


This is your success team’s profile page. Your profile consists of a username you choose, a photo, an introduction, and your goals. Optionally, you can also include personal or business contact information, such as your website and email address. If you prefer to be anonymous, you can create a username and image that is not personally identifiable.

3. Daily Coaching Questions

Left Column:
To earn a checkmark in the progress grid, you’ll answer a short set of questions each day you check in, sharing your actions, wins, challenges, and time spent on your goals. It only takes a few minutes per day, we promise!

4. Coach and Team Support

Right Column:
The checkmark in the grid alerts your coach and fellow team members to read your answers and offer their coaching, feedback, support, and encouragement. You’ll also be making comments on your team members’ progress. Again, this only takes a few minutes per day.

5. Team and Personal Graphs

See your individual and team’s progress in pie, bar, and line graph formats. You will track how much time you’ve spent on your goals and see when you are most productive. This critical information will help you learn how and when you work best so you can structure your days for maximum productivity.

6. Live Chat Bar

In the chat bar, you can see who is currently online. You can send messages privately to individuals or publicly to a group. You can live chat in real time, or if the person is offline, they’ll be notified of your message the next time they log in.

7. Forums

Use the forums to ask questions, seek guidance, share tips and resources, and collaborate with others. Here you’ll also find current community news and virtual and live event listings.

8. Club Wiki

The Club Wiki serves as our ever-evolving community catalog of helpful resources and information. Members can access the Wiki directly to add or edit information.

9. Training and Tools Library


Our trainings are strategically focused, short, and impactful, to give you maximum benefit in minimum time. The goal of Get It Done! Clubs is to keep you moving, not bogging you down with time-consuming content. As long as you are an active member, you’ll receive access to new trainings and tools as they become available.

We often offer live video conference calls with your group and the community at large to connect in a more personal way, share, and teach. These become recorded trainings in the library. You’ll get to know other Club members online and offline.


Our online platform is very user-friendly and effective.
It’s REALLY gratifying to see those checkmarks adding up. 🙂

The Get It Done! Clubs community warmly welcomes people of all races, nationalities, religions, genders, and sexual orientations. Each person's individual success is our collective success.

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